Working at Alyasra Fashion

Healthy Work Environment

We believe in creating and maintaining a work environment that provides the team members with opportunity, responsibility, resources and the support to succeed.

Alyasra Fashion endorses effective communication, teamwork, engagement and personal satisfaction, a place where the members are valued and encouraged to perform to their best.

We promote a friendly atmosphere and open door policy that is free from discrimination, harassment, abuse or politics. The workplace harnesses fair and equal treatment to all the members and abides by the rules and regulations. A culture of diversity, mutual respect and values is encouraged to bring in new ideas, take initiative and be intellectually stimulating and, more importantly, just be yourself at the workplace.

‘It’s a great place for great people to do great work’

Job security

The aim of providing stability is to instill a greater sense of belongingness in the members towards Alyasra Fashion as we believe that the individual is more committed, passionate and motivated to work when he/she feels an integral part of the business.

We seek to act responsibly during the times of internal and external changes. We lay emphasis on communicating, informing and understanding the needs of our members.


Alyasra Fashion offers one of the most comprehensive benefits programs that helps in attracting, retaining, motivating and rewarding the best talents for their contributions and to make them feel special.

The benefits package is constantly reviewed and amended to maintain the good standards. The benefits include Competitive Salary plus Commissions, Bonus, Travel Allowance, Staff Discounts, Health Insurance, Company Transportation, Birthday Shopping Vouchers, First Marriage Gift, First Baby Gift… etc.

Celebrate Our Success

We owe our success to our members. We take the opportunity to say ‘Well Done’ and ‘Thank you’ to our members for all the achievements and efforts.

Alyasra Fashion organizes various programs, gatherings and events throughout the year to reward and recognize the outstanding performers for their contributions across all levels. It allows the members to meet, interact and enjoy whilst motivating them to achieve excellence.

We are proud to have hardworking individuals with high caliber and wish to welcome more and more of our members in the list of achievers every year!!

Many other events are organized within Alyasra Fashion which allows the members to unleash their creative, sporty and fun side and strengthens the bonds among all.

Training Academy

Developing the members beyond their formal educational qualifications and creating a feeling of increased passion, efficiency, righteousness and excitement to perform is the purpose of having a Training Academy. We help our members possess the right competencies in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude, to contribute in Alyasra Fashion productivity and prosperity and make them able to reach their potential.

We provide a comprehensive learning environment ranging from technical soft skill trainings to behavioral coaching. We also offer different methods of training materials and practical assessments.

Career Path

The successfully growing business offers a variety of opportunities to the members to showcase their talent as well as develop and grow in their desired destinations.

The career path we offer is easier and practical due to having Personal Development Plan process, effective Performance Management System and Succession Planning in place.

Alyasra Fashion offers opportunities for internal promotions and job redesigns and enrichment to ensure the best fit and continuous progress for its members.

We are proud to say that we have people who started with us, stayed with us and have built long- term successful careers. Similarly, we are providing a smooth career transition and progression for each and every team member and enable them to pursue and meet their dreams and goals.